Project Description

Crossing the characteristic Krakowska Gate in Kluczbork, the remains of the city’s medieval fortifications, we are moving towards the Main Square, which once served as a market square.

In the middle of the Main Square, emerges today an imposing Town Hall, built in the 18th century. An interesting fact is that originally a row of tenements constituting a Baroque complex of the “Twelve Apostles” used to adjoin to the City Hall building. Currently, the Town Hall is accompanied only by two two-front tenement houses, which are the remains of this architectural complex. Unfortunately, the rest burned down in a fire in 1925. It was a big loss, because it would be a great decoration of the Main Square and would distinguish this city among other touristic sites in Poland.

Today, on the basis of a stone bas-relief we can tell how the Market Square infrastructure looked like before fire. Around the Main Square of Kluczbork, there are many restaurants where you can eat well and relax. The entire square is nicely renewed, and the buildings are renovated, therefore the square has become a showcase of the city.