Project Description

The Srebrne Lake is located between the villages of Osowiec and Marszałki, near the north-western part of the Lake Duże. It was created as a result of the Duże lake’s banks reinforcement.

The depth of the lake reaches up to 17 m, while the surface of the water is 12 ha. As for now, there is no municipal infrastructure and buildings.

The Srebrne lake is situated deep in the forest. It is surrounded by a well-preserved pinewood and mixed forest. Up to now, there is no municipal infrastructure and buildings nearby. It is the most visited water body due to the purity and color of water, which is reflected in its other common names “Emerald”, or (“Green”) and due to its natural, picturesque surroundings.

On site, there are parking lots and food outlets with popular in such venues fast food. There is also a separated piece of a sandy beach. Almost every part of the lake can be reached by car. There are also many places where you can pitch a tent.