Project Description

The castle-town is a venue with an area of 1970 m2. It houses an old Polish tavern with two knights’ halls, a medieval torture chamber and an armoury. In the courtyard, there are Swedish open-air tubs under the sky, a forge, stands for spectators and stands for plebeian games and plays. In the borough, there is a second castle, perfect for intimate bonfires and picnics. Next to the borough, there is a charming house on the water perfect for outdoor events. In the borough there is also an archery track and siege machines in 1: 1 scale – trebuchet, ballista and scorpion. Before the castle there is a small tavern with bar dishes and a souvenir shop. You can rent canoe or pedal boats, and watch the castle from the lagoon. In the forest, there is a castle ZOO, a paintball field and a camping site.